Tech Support

Tech Support

If at any time your child is having difficulty (for example: they are in need of tech support, they are having Chromebook issues, or are having trouble accessing the internet) please contact the school at and we will arrange support.

Google Meet

Students will be invited to a Google Meet for their classes. information on how to access the Google Hangout will be updated below, links to the Google Meet will be placed on the each class Google Classroom page.

For issues with Google Meet including Camera and Microphone problems please refer to the help guide here - Google Meet and Microphone Troubleshooting

Google Classroom

Take a look at this fantastic resource to support parents - The Parents Guide to Google Classroom.

Accessing student emails at home

The ACT Department of Education has a lot of resources to support students, take a look at this one - Student Email Guide for Students

More information can be found on the Resources, Anywhere: Digital Backpack page.