P&C Association

Mount Stromlo High School P&C

Mount Stromlo High School Parent and Citizens (P&C) Association comprises of parents and carers of students enrolled in the school.   Members of the community with an interest in the school are also welcome.

The P&C’s focus is to provide a forum for discussion between the parents and the school, in order to support the students in their learning success as well as supporting the school community.

Members of Mount Stromlo P&C are also actively involved in ACT P&C


P&C membership form https://forms.gle/qUG2PoEP9JZ22siM8

P&C Meetings

The P&C meets twice a term, please see the school calendar for dates, Monday 7:15pm to 8:30pm.   Meetings are attended by the Principal and members of the School Board and provide a forum for discussion between parents and the school.  Everyone is welcome.

The meeting dates for this year are posted on the school calendar with the P&C Annual General Meeting held in March each year.


The P&C holds fundraising events throughout the year which are advertised in the school newsletter and on Schoology.

The annual Mango Fundraiser is a very popular event held in November & December each year.

The P&C holds regular sales of 2nd hand uniforms at parent events throughout the year.   The 2nd hand uniform service is one of the ongoing fundraising activities undertaken by the P&C.   All uniform items are sold for $5 each, cash only please.   Donations of 2nd hand uniform items are always welcome, if you have items to donate, please drop them in at the School Front office - Thank you. For further information please contact StromloHSPresident@gmail.com or call the School Front office.

Contact Information

Correspondence can be directed to the P&C Association:

Mount Stromlo P&C Association

c/- Mount Stromlo High School

Badimara Street


P&C Committee members this year are:

President: Anita Mack - StromloHSPresident@gmail.com

Secretary: Brian Farrelly - StromloHSPresident@gmail.com

Treasurer: Julie Williams - StromloHSTreasurer@gmail.com

Assistant Treasurer: Cassandra Inkley

P&C Association Delegates: Jo Foster & Kylie Kynaston

P&C members to the school board: Louise Newey, Bronwyn Madge and Craig Lilley