P&C Association

Welcome to MSHS Parents & Citizens Association

The Mount Stromlo High School (MSHS) Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association aims to:

  • Encourage parents, carers, and the broader community to partner with the school to benefit student learning outcomes.
  • Create opportunities for parents and carers, students, and staff to interact, with the aim of building respect and a stronger, safer school community.
  • Support school initiatives through communication with parents and fundraising for resources.

Being involved in the P&C can have several advantages for parents:

  • Meet and network with other parents
  • Build understanding about what happens at school
  • Get to know educators and the school principal
  • Hear about school matters, ask questions, and contribute valuable feedback.

Evidence shows that education outcomes improve when parents engage with their children’s learning. The P&C collaborates with the school to support students and families in this endeavour.

P&C Committee and Membership

All MSHS parents and carers (as listed in the school’s database) are automatically P&C members (with voting rights) and may nominate as an office bearer of the Association’s Committee. To change your details, please use the P&C membership form.

Community members (not listed as parents in the school’s database) are eligible to become P&C members, please complete the P&C membership form.

The P&C Constitution and meeting Minutes are available through the P&C Secretary.

Current P&C Committee roles include:

President: Tina Tilley - StromloHSPresident@gmail.com

Secretary: Marina Spurgin - StromloHSSecretary@gmail.com

Treasurer: Julie Williams - StromloHSTreasurer@gmail.com

Public Officer: P&C Secretary

P&C Association Delegates: Jo Foster & Kylie Kynaston

P&C Member to the School Board: Bronwyn Madge

P&C Meetings

You don’t need to be a member to attend a P&C meeting. All parents, carers, community members and school staff are invited to attend P&C meetings.

The P&C meets on weeks 3 and 8 of terms 1,2 and 3, and on week 3 of term 4 on a Monday evening usually from 7:15-8:15pm, please see the school calendar for dates.

Meetings are held in the school’s meeting room or online and are usually attended by the MSHS Principal.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in March.

Please contact the President if you’re interested in a committee role or would like to learn more about the P&C.

For further information please email StromloHSPresident@gmail.com or call the school front office.

Correspondence can be directed to the P&C Association:

Mount Stromlo P&C Association

c/- Mount Stromlo High School

Badimara Street


P&C Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meetings

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