Mission and School Values


Learning provides all students with a positive and productive future full of challenges and satisfaction. The quality education provided by our teachers enables students to contribute positively and productively to our community and society.

  • Participate positively in class activities
  • Complete your classwork
  • Complete your homework and assessment tasks on time
  • Work with others in your class and groups


Respect for yourself and for others is essential for a successful learning community.  Every member of the Mount Stromlo community respects the right of others to learn and feel safe.

  • Follow the school rules
  • Be fair to others
  • Look after friends and fellow students
  • Look after school property


Endeavour to do your best in everything you do.  Participating in your community and seeing challenges as opportunities allows students to develop a high level of self-respect and pride in their achievements. Everyone learns differently. Everyone has strengths. At Mount Stromlo students are assisted and encouraged to realise their strengths and reach their potential; and to further enhance their learning and development.

  • Do your best
  • Be involved in class and school activities
  • Try new things
  • Work hard


Personal pride and pride in the school community. Endeavouring to do your best; to be involved; care for others and to show initiative develops a great sense of pride in personal achievements and also in being a Mount Stromlo student.

  • Speak positively of Mount Stromlo and your learning
  • Be involved in school activities
  • Celebrate your achievements
  • Celebrate the achievements of others
  • Represent Mount Stromlo in different ways
  • Wear school uniform