Stromlo High School Values


Learning provides all students with a positive and productive future full of challenges and satisfaction. Success in learning provides students with the basis for life long learning and the ability to contribute positively and productively to the community and society.


Respect for others; respect for the right of others to learn and feel safe; respect for property of others and the school and community and self-respect allow all members of the school community to work successfully together at all times.


Endeavouring to do your best in everything you do and participating and taking up opportunities allows students to develop a high level of self-respect and pride in their achievements. Everyone learns differently. Everyone has strengths. Students are assisted and encouraged to realise their strengths and reach their potential; and to further enhance their learning and development.


Personal pride and pride in the school community. Endeavouring to do your best; to be involved; and to show initiative develops a great sense of pride in personal achievements and also in being a Stromlo student.