Due to circumstances outside our control, we may be finding things a little challenging at the moment.  Our emotional brain may be on overload and we may be struggling to move into our thinking brain.

At this time we need to actively consider our wellbeing and do things that support us to return to our thinking brain.

There are a number of supports available for adults and young people to support wellbeing.

Student Services Team

Executive StaffYear CoordinatorsSupport StaffSupport Staff

Kim Smith - Deputy Principal

Kate Bradley - Year 7 Coordinator

Prudence Sheather - School Psychologist

Tracey Marris - WEX Coordinator

Matt Sandeman - Executive Teacher

Molly Jones - Year 8 Coordinator

Ashley Morschel - Youth Worker

Pinky Soni - Gifted & Talented Liasion Officer

Kashaerelle Clarke - Executive Teacher

Kashaerelle Clarke - Year 9 Coordinator


Kate Cecere (W, Th, F) & James Farrell (M, T, W) - Year 10 Coordinator


The Student Wellbeing Telehealth Support Service


The ACT Government is providing support to all students through the Student Wellbeing Telehealth Support Service.

The Student Wellbeing Telehealth Support Service is being delivered by a team of allied health professionals, including psychologists and social workers from the ACT Education Directorate.

The team will assist students and families via Google Meet video-calls or over the phone with appointments made via an online booking form or a phone booking system. Appointments can be made by public school students through an online booking form external link icon or by calling 6205 1559 and speaking to the booking officer. Appointments will be available between 9:00am and 4:30pm.

Links and Resources

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