School Board

The Stromlo High School Board

School Boards were established to allow the maximum participation of teachers and parents, in cooperation with the Education Directorate, to develop the educational environment within individual schools.  The Board is composed of three elected parent representatives, two elected teacher representatives, the Principal, one nominee of the Directorate and two elected student representatives. The Deputy Principal and Business Manager are co-opted members of the Board.

The Board is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the school finances, considering submissions for curriculum or policy change, and representing the school community in making submissions to the Directorate or other areas of government or non-government groups.

The Mount Stromlo High School Board has played an important role in promoting the interests of the school and its students and looks to the continued assistance of parents, students and staff in its future work.

School Board meets twice a term, usually weeks 3 and 8, Monday 5:30-7pm.

The School Board is keen to hear from parents and community members. If you would like to contact the Board, email and your contact details and comments will be sent to the Board Chair.

Board Chair - Craig Lilley

Principal - Kate Marshall

Appointed Member - Alan Wu

Parents and Citizens Members – Craig Lilley, Adam Miller and Louise Newey

Staff Members - Rebecca Cusick and Ranjan Parikh

Student Members - Mya Mason and Issac Witrzens