The Technology Faculty at Mount Stromlo High School aims to provide students with engaging learning opportunities in practical environments to help students become lifelong learners. To achieve this, students are exposed to a model of learning that embraces the concepts of design, make and appraise – an approach that aims to encourage students to plan, experiment test and reflect upon the development and manufacturing processes.

In year 7 and 8 students complete an Arts and Technology Rotation comprising of Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Art, Cooking, IT, Textiles and Woodwork. In year 9 and 10 students are able to choose from a range of electives that develop skills and knowledge. Courses offered may include Web Design, Design and Technology, Furniture Making, Welding, Decorative Metalwork, Eating for Good Health, Asian Cooking, Hospitality, Fashion Design and Early Childhood.

Students are given many opportunities to showcase their work throughout the year including preparing and serving food at school functions, special lunches, and exhibiting work at school events.