Health and Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education curriculum at Mount Stromlo High School emphasises the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle and the need to make informed, responsible decisions.  Health and Physical Education gives students the knowledge and practical skills to meet these needs and helps develop a quality life for all.

Students participate in a range of fitness and skill development activities including; badminton, soccer, netball, softball, hockey, AFL, dance, athletics, touch football, basketball, cricket, tennis, volleyball, sof-crosse, dance and fitness games.  Health lessons focus on growth and development, relationships, safety and first aid.

In addition to the core Health and PE courses, years 9 and 10 students have the opportunity to study the following elective options, which run for a semester.  Students can choose one extra semester of PE each year.

Outdoor Education develops the basic knowledge and skills in the area of outdoor education and provides them with a range of experiential learning opportunities. This elective includes activities which may involve the following – rock climbing, mountain biking, caving, bushwalking, surfing, surf awareness, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, environmental issues and camping.

Sport Science examines the human body and the requirements for peak athletic performance ranging from training methods to diet. Two theory lessons per week look at; the anatomy and physiology of the major systems of the human body and how these relate to sporting performance, exercise physiology, detailed training methods and techniques including development of skills, fitness, strength and flexibility and sports nutrition.  Practical lessons are devoted to the development of fitness and conditioning that will include activities such as fitness testing, strength and flexibility training, cross training, interval training, and circuit training.

Sports Coaching investigates sports leadership, with a focus on coaching and the elements necessary to make someone a good coach.  Students apply the skills and methods learnt from theory lessons by developing and presenting lesson plans.  Students develop their coaching skills by planning and facilitating practical sessions with local Primary School students.