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Special Needs at Stromlo High School

Learning Support at Mount Stromlo High School (Special Education)

Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same, it means everyone gets what they need.

Mount Stromlo High School is an inclusive school that provides a range of programs and resources to meet the individual needs of students. We adopt a flexible approach to learning and build partnerships with parents to ensure the best outcomes for students.

The school has an Executive Teacher solely in charge of Learning Support whose role is to oversee the allocation of support and resources to students with Special Education Needs. They are a key contact for parents and students. They also provide support to mainstream teachers to make appropriate adjustments to their curriculum and teaching delivery.

Mount Stromlo High School has a Learning Support Centre (LSC), a Learning Support Unit (LSU) and a Learning Support Unit Autism specific (LSUA) and a number of students accessing the Inclusion Support Program (ISP).

The Learning Support Centre (LSC) / Learning Support Unit (LSU) and Learning Support Unit Autism (LSUA)

Students in the LSC, LSU, LSUA complete a modified program, based on mainstream content,  in the areas of Mathematics, English, Humanities, and Science. They are then integrated into mainstream classes for Physical Education and Health and their electives subjects. Students in the LSC, LSU, LSUA may chose to study a Language or our Literacy Intervention Program (Multi Lit). There are predominantly separate classes for each year group though at times they are combined with two teachers and re-structured dependent on need. This is a structured and supportive program that aims to build core skills in Literacy and Numeracy, as well as shaping and modelling social skills. Eligibility into the program is determined by the school counsellor and allocations of placements is determined by a central Education Directorate panel.

Where suitable students are integrated into mainstream classes with appropriate adjustments made as determined by their Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Students may also be allocated a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) to give them additional support in classes.

The Resource Room

The Resource Room is a quiet environment, that is staffed by a teacher and opens for students at break time.

Literacy Intervention

Mount Stromlo High School offers a Literacy Intervention class for selected students in Year 7 and 8. This class replaces language study and entry is based on testing completed by students on transition from year 6 and additional testing that occurs in the first week of Year 7. The course uses the Multi Lit/ Mac Lit/ Mini Lit programs from Macquarie University and aims to build students overall literacy skills with the main focus on improving their reading skills.

Useful Documents

Student Centred Appraisal of Needs - Parent/Carer booklet

Disability Standards for Education

Education and Training Policy - Students with a Disability: meeting their education needs