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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Good afternoon parents and carers,

As we move towards home learning starting on Friday morning, you will find attached information to enable your child to engage in home learning in the online environment. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us on Stromlo.Enquiries@ed.act.edu.au

I would like to thank all the members of our community that turned up to our online Q&A session last night. There were 88 attendees to the session and I know that there were a lot more that wanted to be at the session but couldn’t make it. Unfortunately due to privacy issues we weren’t able to record the session, but below is a summary of the questions that were asked and tour responses.

Home Learning Questions and Answers

Q. When will parents and students get information on how home learning will be organised eg Timetable, sign in etc?

A. The attached letter has all of this information. There will be very few surprises for Yr 8-10 students, Yr 7 classes will be given more explanation from their teachers.

Q. Will the school teach online etiquette and behaviour?

A. This will be ongoing throughout all classes as part of PBL, but teachers will specifically go through behavioural expectations and how home learning will work in the first lesson on Friday.

Q. Last lockdown there were no grades given, will that be the same this lockdown?

A. There will be assessment and reporting happening for semester 2 and this will need to be modified, depending on the length of this lockdown. There will be compensation for students because of this lockdown and we have a number of formative assessment strategies that we’ll use to get a clearer understanding of what students know and can do.

Q. Will there be ‘optional’ and ‘essential’ work?

A. Yes there will be. Each individual student is under different home circumstances, this enables them to prioritise what work must be done and what work can be left if they don’t have the capacity to do it.

Q. As I understand there is a parent access to Google Classrooms - but I don’t know anything about this. If this does exist, and would be helpful for parents to use and support our kids and their teachers, could you send out some information on this. For example: What is it? How can we use it to support our kids? How do we get access?

A. We have included a form link to sign up for Google Guardian in the attached letter, with further info on the form.

Q. How will assessments be conducted e.g. maths exams etc. 

A. Assessment will be modified with online learning with a greater emphasis on formative assessment where staff continuously gather informal assessment data that demonstrates what students know and understand.

Q. Will Monday maths tutoring still be available via home learning? 

A. Students can organise to meet online with their teachers to get more support for their subjects between 12:05pm and 3.00pm each day.

Q. Do students need to have their cameras on, or is audio ok? And are teachers clear on this understanding?

A. Students do not have to have their cameras on and staff have been briefed on this.

Q. What are students expected to do after 12pm? 

A. Students are encouraged to have some time away from their screens and outside if possible after 12pm. Students can also carry on with their own learning from the lessons they have done in the morning.

Q. Do students need to wear their school uniform? 

A. No, but they do need to be appropriately dressed and ready to learn.

Q. Will students be told about appropriate workplaces?

A. This is part of our PBL expectations for online learning. Teachers will go through these expectations during the first lesson on Friday and will refer to them regularly throughout home learning.

Q. Can parents make appointments with teachers on google meets rather than email?

A. As with face to face learning, contact the staff member by phone or email to set up a Google Meet session if that is the type of contact you would like.

Q. Do parents need to call in if their child is not online for the day?

A. No. Students sign in every day and if they miss the sign in regularly there will be follow up by teachers.

Q. If we need support who should we contact first?

A. If your child needs support for a particular subject then speak to that teacher first and then the Executive teacher if need be. Year Co-ordinators and the Student Services team are also a good avenue for support. For all other queries please email Stromlo.Enquiries@ed.act.edu.au and we will direct your request to the appropriate person.

Q. Is the debating competition still going ahead, online? 

A. As far as we are aware, debating has been postponed. Saying that, we are still waiting on official confirmation from the ACT Debating Union. Sarah Jordan will be looking at still training the Stromlo debating teams online if lockdown continues past 3 weeks.

Q. Will the eSafety presentation still be going ahead?

A. At this stage the presentation will be going ahead as planned on 6/9/21 from 6-7pm, however we will look to move it online. Details to follow.

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The ACT Government has created a library of resources, including lesson and activity ideas, to support students with their home learning. There are also family guides to for parents to help manage their child's  learning.

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