Student Services

At the core of a supportive school environment are positive relationships between students, parents and teachers.

Student Services is provide support for students, their parents and teachers by promoting a safe learning environment for all students that is flexible and responsive to the needs of the individual and the wider school community.  Student Services comprise a unique and dynamic team who, together with TEAM teachers, support students and their families at Mount Stromlo High School to achieve learning success by managing appropriate behaviour protocols.

Yr 7 & 8 Executive Teacher: Kim Smith
Yr 9 & 10 Executive Teacher: Rebecca Owen

Year 10 Coordinator: Robin Ricketts
Year 9 Coordinator: Deb Lovatt
Year 8 Coordinator: Megan Johnson
Year 7 Coordinator: Emma Fisher

School Psychologist: Frances Jomantas
Youth Support Worker: Ashlee Morchel
School Chaplain: Helen Betz
Records Officer: Kerri Todd

Student Leadership