Maximizing Learning Opportunities for Every Student

This School offers a comprehensive, coeducational and differentiated curriculum for every student: A quality education for every child is our motto. Our curriculum consists of meeting core expectations of the Australian Curriculum, and is complemented by student wellbeing and co-curricular programs that mature the whole student intellectually, physically, socially, mentally, ethically and emotionally. The four school values are respect, endeavor, pride and learning. Through these values students learn to manage themselves and their learning. Core curriculum is mandated, while some opportunities such as excursions or trips are optional to provide experiential learning beyond the classroom.

Every student is encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities provided by the school for enrichment and extension. This includes:

  • UNSW tests in English, Maths or Science, Mathletics, Spellodrome
  • The Australian Geography or History Competition or Essay Competitions, The Australia-Japan Essay Competition, The Francophonie Competition
  • Peer support, leadership opportunities and Student Representative Council
  • Dance Festival, Drama Camp, Sporting Pursuits, etc.
  • Opportunities are also available through local and international excursions that widen horizons as well as by opportunities provided by the family

How to optimize learning is here explained for a student who shows either a particular aptitude, or who shows a desire and willingness to learn beyond the core curriculum, or who has been identified as gifted, talented, or both. This school can tailor programs to meet such learning styles in a variety of ways. This may mean inclusion in LEX@s classes, an accelerated curriculum, one or more differentiated programs within a mainstream class, individualized programs or support to participate in programs offered by external providers. Below is further information concerning the Lex@s program.

The Lex@s program document