Learning at Home

Learning at Home

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Australian Psychological Society - Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety

Headspace Factsheet - How to cope with stress related to COVID-19

Headspace - COVID-19 Still open for business

Parentline - Free Telephone Counselling Sessions

Term 1 Outlines

The term 1 unit outlines clarify the expectations for the rest of the term. Please contact your child's classroom teacher for more information.


Year 7 EnglishYear 8 EnglishYear 9 EnglishYear 10 EnglishYear 9/10 EALD


Year 7 MathsYear 8 MathsYear 9 MathsYear 10 Maths


Year 7 ScienceYear 8 ScienceYear 9 ScienceYear 10 ScienceYear 9/10 CSIYear 10 Psychology


Year 7 HASSYear 8 HASSYear 9 HistoryYear 10 History

Health and PE

Year 7 Health and PEYear 8 Health and PEYear 9/10 Health & PEYear 9/10 Sports CoachingYear 9/10 Outdoor Ed


Year 7 JapaneseYear 8 JapaneseYear 9/10 Japanese
Year 7 FrenchYear 8 FrenchYear 9/10 French

Arts & Tech

7 Art8 Art9/10 Acting Techniques9/10 Makerspace Projects
7 Dance8 Dance9/10 Digital Art9/10 Competitive Robotics
7 Drama8 Drama9/10 Digital Photography9/10 Sketchbook
7 Metalwork8 Makerspace9/10 Film Making9/10 Visual Art
7 Music8 Metalwork9/10 Woodwork Design Skills9/10 Asian Cooking
7 Photography8 Photography9/10 Food from Other Lands9/10 Eating for Good Health
7 Woodwork8 Wood9/10 Jewellery Making9/10 Introduction to Hospitality
7 Food8 Food9/10 Music in the Recording Industry9/10 Photo Media
 8 Music9/10 Woodwork Projects 

Learning Support

Year 7 EnglishYear 8 EnglishYear 9 EnglishYear 10 English
Year 7 MathsYear 8 MathsYear 9 MathsYear 10 Maths
Year 7 ScienceYear 8 ScienceYear 9 ScienceYear 10 Science
Year 7 HASSYear 8 HASSYear 9 HASSYear 10 Passion Project
Year 7 LiteracyYear 8 LiteracyYear 9/10 Cafe

Student Services

Year 10 CITYear 10 Peer MentoringYear 9/10 Study Line

Week 9 Timetable

The week 9 timetable has been emailed directly to students through their school email. It states which class they have on each line. Students will need to regularly check their Google Classroom and be working on the work provided by the teachers.

The sessions below will be live Google Meet sessions. Students can ask clarifying questions and seek support from the teacher. The teacher will go through the information needed to support them. These sessions will look different across all subject areas and teachers.



30th March


31st March


1st April


2nd April


3rd April

9:30 - 10:15am

Line 1

Line 4

Line 7

Line 2

Line 5

10:15 - 11am

Line 2

Line 5


Line 3

Line 6

11 - 11:30am

Get up and move session


Get up and move session

Arts & Technology

Get up and move session

Students Services & Front Office

Get up and move session

Learning Support

Get up and move session

Health & PE

11:30 - 12:15pm

Line 3

Line 6

Line 1

Line 4

Line 7

12:15 - 3pm

Individual home study

Work on Google classroom

Google Meet

Students will be invited to a Google Meet for their classes listed above. information on how to access the Google Hangout will be updated below, links to the Google Meet will be placed on the class Google Classroom page.

Google Classroom

Take a look at this fantastic resource to support parents - The Parents Guide to Google Classroom.

Accessing student emails at home

The ACT Department of Education has a lot of resources to support students, take a look at this one - Student Email Guide for Students

More information can be found on the Resources, Anywhere: Digital Backpack page.

Questions from Students

Students can ask questions at any time using this Google Form. We will regularly update our answers below and also distribute them to the students through their Google Classroom.

Tuesday March 24th - Student FAQs

Is school cancelled?
School is not cancelled or closed. How we do school will be changing for a while. You will be able to access the learning content for each of your subjects via Google classroom and you and your class will meet with your teacher via Google Meet. Your teacher will send you links for Google Meet via each of your google classrooms.

How will we do school from home?
You will continue to access your learning and support from your teachers via Google Classroom and Google Meet. It will not be the same as coming to class very day. You will need to take responsibility for your own learning and access content and tasks online.

When will we get to come back to school? How long are we at home for?
From now until 9 April you will be able to access all your classes via google classroom. From 10 April until 24 April you will be on school holidays. When you are on school holidays, you will not need to access classwork via google classroom.
At this stage we do not know how long we will need to run school via google classroom. Please know we will tell you as soon as we know.

How do we do subjects like PE and woodwork (art/metal work/photography, drama etc)?
It is very understandable that you are curious as to how you will participate in subjects that are more practical. In particular, subjects that require you to use equipment that you may not have at home.
At this stage we do not have a simple answer. We are looking at what we may be able to do to support your learning in these areas.

If it’s school holidays, do I need to log on to google classroom and do work?
When it is school holiday time – you will be on school holidays. Remember school holiday for the end of term 1 are from 10 April to 24 April.

How do I ask for help if I don’t understand something?
If you are not sure about something and need to talk to your teacher you could:
* Ask the teacher when the class meets via Google Meet
* Message your teacher through Google classroom. Your teacher will endeavour to answer your message as quickly as possible. But please be aware that teachers are adjusting to a new way of teaching, just like you are adjusting to a new way of learning. It may take them a day or two to respond to you.